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Hyde Park ward gives thanks for the life and work of Margaret Thatcher

Thanks to the initiative of Rev Stephen Mason, a service of thanksgiving was held last night following the funeral of Lady Thatcher the previous day. She had been life patron of the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association. Thanks go also to everyone who helped organise and took part in the service, including Lord Hamilton of Epsom, once Margaret Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary and one of her defence ministers.

In his address to a packed church,  Lord Hamilton remembered how, as Archie Hamilton MP, he had accompanied her to the Reichstag in Berlin in 1988. There she noted in her speech that the East German intelligence services would be eavesdropping on every word, and proceeded to give them a rousing lecture on the value of freedom and democracy.

Jamie Myatt, Hyde Park ward chairman, recalled the time when he had to confront striking Argentine dock workers, and reached a deal after they admitted she was a better man than General Galtieri.  Cllr Jean Paul Floru remembered how she had personally encouraged him in his bid to get a painting into the RA Summer Exhibition, with a promise that if he did, she would spend half an hour looking closely at it there, so that he could sell it for a great deal of money…..

It was a great occasion, with a packed church, superb music and moments both of sadness and humour. What a week it has been.


Baroness Thatcher has died

This is a sad day. Mrs Thatcher took the hard decisions that had to be taken after the economic chaos of the 1970s. She changed Britain immeasurably for the better. An Eighties that otherwise would have resembled the Seventies is a nightmare that doesn’t bear thinking about. Her commitment to freedom and her personal example of hard work and achievement were inspirational. Even the Left can’t deny that she was a woman of conviction who changed the political weather. Sometimes, you need leaders who don’t compromise. And in 1979, Britain needed her.

Hyde Park concerts latest

Do you remember the last Stones concert in Hyde Park in 1969? I was more interested in the Magic Roundabout at that point but for some Connaught Village forum members, the news that Mick Jagger will be on stage again in W2 this summer has prompted happy memories. Of course in 1969 the tickets were free. Those paying £95 for their ticket this time will want volume. We are still waiting for promoters AEG to reveal the sound test results that are supposedly going to keep concert goers satisfied while protecting our older residents from noise they don’t want. Watch this space.

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