195-197 Edgware Road betting shop application

Nick Nelson from the WCC licensing department has sent a letter to all those who have so far made representations on this application, adding that he also will be objecting on behalf of the council. It is a shame that new comments now have to be made in relation to the Gambling Act rather than the Licensing Act, but I know Star Street residents in particularly feel very strongly about locating betting shops in an area so close to schools and to areas of high deprivation and potential gambling addiction in Lisson Grove. Councils as a group are working through the Local Government Assocation on how they can object more effectively on the basis of “cumulative effect” of betting shops. In the meantime, though it is annoying to have to put in further representations on this case, residents should do so, following the guidance given in the letter. Feel free to contact Richard Brown, the Citizens Advice expert referred to in the letter, for further guidance on how to make your objections fit within the legal framework.