Report it!

I’ve just used the Report it button on the redesigned council website to report the broken kerb at the junction of Connaught Street and Titchbourne Row. It is even quicker to use than before.
And another thing – Cllr Acton and I called 101 yesterday about abandoned sleeping bags on Edgware Road, as one of the shopkeepers said they belonged to an aggressive beggar. I was reminded today by the rough sleeping experts that it can be more effective to call environmental health on 0207 641 2000. If the bags have been abandoned, the council’s contractors are entitled to remove them, and will aim to do so within the day. There is extensive hostel provision in Westminster, aiming to ensure that no-one need spend a second night on the streets. The experience of the officers dealing with the problem locally is that the Edgware Road beggars are not genuinely homeless, but have come from other EU countries to London with the intention of begging rather than working. Strange though it seems, they choose to sleep close to their most lucrative sites. There is no reason for us to accommodate this line of business. Local shops and restaurants in my experience are increasingly fed up with their customers being pestered, and with having to clear up overnight detritus.