Archive for Month: January 2015

  • Out campaigning with Lindsey Hall

    Knocking on doors in Westminster North, it’s clear how anxious long term residents are that they may have to move if Labour’s unaffordable mansion tax comes in. All they did was buy homes and settle down in an area where lots of people want to live. Why should they be driven out for doing that?

  • Cycle Superhighway reactions

    It was standing room only at the Victoria for presentations on the East West Cycle Superhighway from Westminster’s transport chief Martin Low and TfL’s Sarah Turnbull. Around 50 Hyde Park Estate Association members had the chance to ask questions about the Mayor’s scheme, which is intended to reduce the strain on public transport by making…

  • Police action on street vice

    Very helpful work today with Chief Inspector Sean McDermid and Acting Inspector Ross Hickman on problems including street vice. AI Inspector has changed shift patterns for the team and has some excellent new ideas, including how to use the 2014 Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act. I’m following up again with CI McDermid tomorrow morning.…

  • Paying respects to Pamela Batty

    My predecessor in Hyde Park ward, Cllr Pamela Batty, was remembered at a funeral today arranged by her god-daughter Nicola Poole and attended by friends and many councillors past and present, led by the Lord Mayor. A life of contribution to the community.