Archive for Month: March 2015

  • Encouraging people to vote

    Everyone needs to vote on May 7. I was asked to help try out some new wording to use on the doorstep to help people see how much is at stake at this election. Tom here and I were using the new questions out in Harrow West for Hannah David, who’s running a great campaign.

  • What Conservatives have done for women

    This checklist from my friend Julie at CWO would have been useful when we were out canvassing yesterday: 

  • Tackling disturbance from Hyde Park concerts

    Councillors along with representatives of the Friends of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and of residents met the concert promoters yesterday at Royal Parks HQ. Complaints about noise, litter, helicopters and crowd behaviour were fewer last summer. We want even fewer this summer. Around 9,000 letters to residents will be going out giving an email…

  • Promoting London as a tourist destination

    With Cllr Summers and those indefatigable volunteers Andrew and Kate McCarthy to celebrate London’s New Year’s Day Parade 

  • Those marginals matter

    Good to read my old Evening Standard colleague Andy Neather in the paper today on the Hampstead and Kilburn campaign. As he points out, Simon Marcus has been working incredibly hard. This link should show Saturday’s campaigning on Facebook – I was really impressed by how many people joined us on a cold February afternoon.…