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Two Cities help in Tower Hamlets

DSC_0524Daven Paul from Churchill ward and I found ourselves with a great view of the Dome when we did some eve of poll delivering for Peter Golds’ campaign in the Isle of Dogs. Congratulations to David Snowden for some excellent organisation in Island Gardens.



Child safeguarding for all faiths

After cases like that of Victoria Climbie and Baby P, local authorities have had to make huge changes in the way they protect children from harm that can include everything from neglect to abuse to radicalisation and FGM. Through the Westminster Faith Exchange, Cllr Bush brought together triborough officers, charity workers and faith leaders to share best practice . There were some impressive speakers.

As is demonstrated by today’s comments from a judge about the cultural element in disciplining children, there has to be a clear message that many practices which may be normal in countries of origin are not  accepted, and often illegal, when living in the UK.DSC_0522 (2)

Tower Hamlets needs Peter Golds

DSC_0514 (2)It’s an honour to be on the doorstep with Tower Hamlets Conservative group leader and anti-corruption campaigner Peter Golds. He’d make a fantastic mayor for the borough.

Ward walk with Whelan

Cllr Acton and I swept round the ward today – not quite literally – with City Inspector John Whelan. Here he is calling in an emergency response to a pothole in Connaught Street, which a restaurant was using as an alternative to a drain. John also tackled commercial waste left on the highway in Craven Road and Praed Street, a woman dumping rubbish in Sale Place, an abandoned bicycle in Burwood Place, tables and chairs on the highway and a string of litter, uncollected sweeper’s bags, forgotten temporary road signs and other eyesores around the ward.  That’s his role five days a week, with additional inspectors covering weekends and nights. Calls to 0207 641 3733 go direct to John’s mobile and he gets straight on the case.


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