Research to shape Statement of Principles on Gambling

DSC_0575cropI attended the launch yesterday of this important research, commissioned by WCC and Manchester City Council and funded by the Local Government Association,  into how gambling-related harm can be related to geographical areas. The impact of problem gambling goes beyond the individual and affects their families and communities. It is also correlated with factors such as poor mental health, substance abuse, low IQ and unemployment. Though often no one-to-one causal link can be shown between these factors and gambling-related harm, if these factors exist, there is an increased risk that harm may arise. In public health, we take note of multiple risk factors even where showing direct causation is not possible. The Gambling Act states that children and vulnerable people should be protected from being harmed or exploited by gambling so this research demands careful consideration. From 2016 the Gambling Commission has stated that operators should conduct local risk assessments for premises and show what measures they propose to mitigate against these risks.