Cycle Superhighway benefits

As part of the reworking of the Lancaster Gate gyratory to make it safe as part of the East West Cycle Superhighway, we will get a pedestrian crossing from St James’ Church into the green space¬†at the end of Sussex Gardens. My predecessor Anne Mallinson and many other residents had long called for this, as it will make the gardens much more accessible, especially for the primary school children. ¬†There will also be new parking spaces on Westbourne Crescent so churchgoers can park on Sundays even when some of the single yellow line parking higher up Westbourne Terrace makes way for the cycle path. Crossing from Lancaster Gate tube to Kensington Gardens will also be made easier with a straight-across crossing, as called for by Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport.

All this was revealed by Transport for London officers and contractors at a meeting with residents and councillors at the Lancaster London, following meetings between Cllr Acton and the Mayor’s Cycling Champion. Plans will also be worked up for a pedestrian crossing on Stanhope Terrace, which has always been something of a challenge to cross safely.