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Sussex Square – privacy and greenery

Several residents have told me how worried they are that the planned replacement of the wire fence with railings would reduce the privacy of the garden. It might also threaten the appearance and ecological value of the hedge.
Our planning officer will be reporting back on this now the application has gone in.

Aggressive beggars diverted from Marble Arch and Westway

The observation wheel at Marble Arch, with its 24 hour security, has had the effect of displacing some of our regular problem beggars, our community protection officers report. A group of 30 East European rough sleepers had moved under the Westway, but for the last couple of nights outreach groups have found they have moved on.

As we know, these are not genuinely homeless people. They have homes elsewhere in Europe and do not respond to offers of hostel places here because it is more lucrative to camp on streets near the begging hotspots  like Edgware Road. For the future, plans are in place, with the support of several charities, to impost public space protection orders against groups engaged in street-based anti-social behaviour.

Some good news on basements

Planning committee on Tuesday deferred a decision on the Grade II-listed 8 Connaught Square, where the proposals have caused huge concern to neighbours. Meanwhile Cllr Davis has published further details on the scope for Article 4 directions, which may help in handling these cases.

Congratulations West End

DSC_0579 (2)


West End ward put on a great event with Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith – a great turnout out from Camden, Kensington and beyond. Inspirational words from the Richmond MP, a great location and such good raffle prizes it was fun to be one of those calling out the winning numbers!

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