Archive for Month: September 2015

  • Triborough praised for domestic violence services

    It was an honour to chair today’s domestic violence summit with Karen Bradley MP, Home Office minister for preventing abuse and exploitation, and Baroness Williams of Trafford, Minster for Communities and Local Government. Cllr Roe, Cllr Harvey and I were delighted to hear Lady Williams’ praise for the “co-ordinated and well-resourced approach” to tackling domestic…

  • Planning enforcement and litter successes

    My inbox shows a successful appeal to the Planning Inspectorate to stop short lettings in Sussex Place, an unauthorised satellite dish removed in Southwick Place and a letter drop to tackle flytipping in Bayswater Road. Hats off to the officers concerned!

  • Phone box removal on Connaught Street.

    There will be real benefits from not having an unused, smelly, litter magnet outside the food shops at the junction of Connaught and Kendal Street. Will you really miss it? Do you miss the one that has already gone? I really think it’s time to support this proposal.

  • Getting your views across to the council

    We’ve been looking at how residents want to do this. Online contact has gone up hugely but we don’t want to exclude those without the internet. Online forums are cheaper than public meetings and could help us keep your council tax down. Do you want to see us in person, and if so, where and…

  • A better Westway for cyclists and residents

    The Westway smashed through Paddington and Notting Hill neighbourhoods in the 1960s. It was the kind of road that gave 1960s planning a bad name. So it was good to hear from TfL traffic engineers this week that putting cycle lanes on the underused hard shoulder could be part of a project that reduces noise…