Dealing with fly tipping, street furniture damage and all the rest

Our City Inspector John Whelan does such a good job tackling black bin overflow, fly tipping hot spots, rough sleepers’ waste and the rest that I’d like to broadcast his report this month.

Here it is:
Norfolk Crescent- I have been monitoring the bin chambers on a regular basis checking to see if still being used for storage of foreign national bedding, clothing, cardboard etc.
Star Street- I have been monitoring the big black bins since they have been returned after the initial removal trial period. I reported only two incidents of dumping by the receptacles this month which consisted of a large carpet on the first occasion and then a double mattress, a boiler and a dismantled wardrobe.
Bouverie Place- I have been monitoring this hot spot area next to the big black bins on the junction with Praed Street. I have only had to report refuse dumped next to receptacles once which was metal shelving, a 4ft mirror and strips of wood. On a couple of occasions I found some black bags and boxes but no evidence found. I put these items in the respective bins.
Norfolk Place- Having carried out an educational letter drop to all residents and businesses regarding waste collection times and days I have been monitoring street and have issued a fixed penalty notice to a resident for not complying with time bands.
Westbourne Street- There is an on-going issue with waste being put out on the wrong days and times junction with Bathurst Street next to the tree base. I have been monitoring on a regular basis and have issued some fixed penalty notices.
Park West Place- Has become a bit of a hot spot for fly-tipping at both ends of the street. By the sweeper sack bins junction with Kendal Street on 3 separate occasions I have reported 6 X Kitchen chairs, a dismantled sofa and a small cupboard. A single mattress and finally 8 X Oil drums, a clothes horse and a broken mirror.
I have applied 2 X “Don’t dump” stickers to the sweeper sack bins at either end.
At the other end of the street I have reported a double bed frame, a dismantled large cupboard and a bag containing builders waste outside rear of 121 Edgware Road.
Sussex Mews East- I reported 6 X Christmas Trees dumped next to big black bins junction Clifton Place.
St Michael’s Street- Another location that has been of concern lately is outside 80-85 by the fire exit. I have reported a few issues regarding household waste in carrier bags and piles of cardboard left by homeless.

Graffiti, Fly-posting, Abandoned items:
I have removed a large amount of stickers and posters from numerous locations such as Sussex Gardens (See photos)

Gloucester Terrace and Edgware Road W2.

St Michael’s Street- I had a large fridge freezer removed from next to the Royal Exchange Public House having received a complaint from landlord of pub.
Sussex Gardens- I reported a bale of cardboard and 8 X Various coloured bags of household waste next to the big black bins junction Edgware Road.
Southwick Street- I reported a large television and 8 X Black bags (No evidence) next to the litter bin junction Star Street.
Harrow Road- I reported a dumped washing machine on the highway opposite the Veolia Depot.


Seymour Street- I dealt with an issue of builders clearing out a property and a large pile of wood on the public highway. I spoke to the builders and they had already arranged for a vehicle to remove. (See photos below).

Sussex Gardens- I reported 2 X heavy duty bollards that had been knocked down by 104 which were obstructing highway.
Albion Street- I visited a building site at 15 having received a complaint that a hoarding was obstructing residents views. I spoke with the site agent who confirmed that the hoarding is licensed until April 2016. After contacting the highways officer he confirmed this was correct.
Junction Mews- I received a complaint from a local resident who raised concerns that approximately 20 boards/planks were overhanging highway on the junction with Sale Place. He had carried out his own investigation but unable to establish where boards emanated from. I managed to find out who owned the boards and contacted the planning department to see if they had permission to leave the boards on site. I was informed that the items had to be removed I informed the owner and he arranged to have them cleared. (See attached photos).


Edgware Road- I was informed by a business that Veolia waste contractors had damaged the roller shutter in the service road at the rear of property and rough sleepers had set up a camp. I informed the homeless team and they engaged with rough sleepers. This land falls under the Water Gardens and they arranged to have the area cleared of all abandoned items. The roller shutter has been repaired and area secured.
Along with colleagues from neighbouring wards we have started begging operations along Edgware Road and have issued warning notices as well as community protection notices.

Please feel free to contact myself with any issues.