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Tackling waste dumping in Winsland Mews

City inspectors Joe, John, JC, planning chief Amanda Coulson, environmental health and Veolia representatives accompanied me on a Clean and Safe Streets Audit today. We were pleased to see Tfl and WCC marshals ensuring that taxis and Uber drivers did not cause congestion and tailbacks outside Paddington Station. However we had to call in Veolia to deal with unauthorised waste from McDonalds on the pavement. John Whelan has spoken to several managers and will continue to press the company to behave more responsibly or face fines.

Welcoming Jordanian MPs

IMG_0596The Lord Mayor and I had the pleasure of welcoming members of the administrative and legal committees of the Jordanian parliament this week. After visits to the Houses of Parliament, funded by the Foreign Office, they were interested in learning about local government, in particular in the extent of responsibilities for education.

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