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I’m in politics to get things done for the people who elected me. Since 2012 I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the three councillors representing Hyde Park ward on Westminster City Council. My fellow councillors Heather Acton,  Jean-Paul Floru and I aim to tackle all the everyday problems residents and local businesses can have with street cleaning, traffic, planning and licensing, anti-social behaviour and, of course, the persistent beggars and rough sleepers at Marble Arch. We work as closely as we can with our excellent local residents’ associations and community groups, who do so much to create a neighbourly, village spirit in this very diverse area. Recent work,  for example to tackle commercial short-letting and noise and disturbance from the Hyde Park concerts, is covered on the home page of this blog.

You’ll often find me out and about in the ward, where I have lived with my family, husband Simon who runs an IT services business locally, and three sons, since 1997.

Before being elected here in 2012, I had campaigned for colleagues as a member of a neighbouring ward committee, and then been parliamentary candidate myself in Islington South. So the boys (two now grown-up!) are used to helping deliver leaflets or inputting data to Merlin. In fact I first campaigned for the Conservatives in Hampshire in 1983…

In my parliamentary campaign in 2010 I almost doubled the Conservative vote, led a strong team of council candidates and developed two wards to become priority targets for the Mayoral election. More recently I have worked on local elections and parliamentary by-elections in Sussex, Essex, Eastleigh, Croydon North, Corby,  Nottinghamshire and Hampshire as well as the Westminster North and Hampstead and Kilburn teams for the general election.

I grew up in rural Hampshire, where my father and brother still live, and was educated at Cambridge University. After working in finance, I became a correspondent and leader writer at the Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard, and formed part of the launch team for a successful internet start-up company.  As one of the four founders of  Marylebone Boys’ School, a free school funded by the Department for Education which opened on Priory Park Road in 2014 with 120 boys, I am proud to be expanding choice and opportunity for west London children.



If you need to get in touch, please use the contact details in the box on the right and let me know your views.

Antonia Cox

Westminster City Hall,
64 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QP

0207 641 3411


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