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  • Vice arrests and immigration removals

    We have now had 20 criminal arrests and 12 immigration removals as part of Operation Unite 16. It’s noticeable that things have improved – fewer disturbances, less detritus and female residents can feel safer.

  • Paddington Place community planning weekend

    Why not have a competition to produce a better design for the site of the now withdrawn Paddington Pole? The respected thinktank Create Streets has launched just that. Civic Voice, the charity representing amenity societies, and architects JTP teamed up to devise an entry using a “Community Planning Weekend.” They organised a site walkabout and…

  • West End Green

    Little Venice, Hyde Park and Marylebone High Street councillors were among the many to voice opposition to this proposal. The tower has already been reduced by 8 storeys, but we would have liked to have seen another five taken off it. The scheme does bring over 650 new flats including 126 affordable ones to a…

  • Lighter evenings – more campaigning!

        Knocking on doors for the Zac campaign in Orpington – and it didn’t rain!

  • Electric vehicle alternatives

    An alternative location for EV charging bays to the existing one outside the Bombay Palace restaurant is to be considered. Nitesh from this well-known local business told me the bays had made it more difficult for his customers to park. Hyde Park Street, which is wide and has no businesses on it, would seem a…

  • Much needed upgrade in Paddington

    Cllr Acton and I had a chance to look at plans from Hermes Real Estate to improve 50 Eastbourne Terrace, at the junction with Craven Road. The proposals for homes and offices would reduce the height and create a much more appealing building with greenery and less scope for anti-social behaviour. The plans will be…

  • Campaigning with West Central GLA candidate Tony Devenish

    Tony is a Hyde Park ward resident and will make a fantastic member of the London Assembly. Here we are in Westminster North last Saturday.

  • More campaigning for the GLA

    Tomorrow I’ll be out with GLA West Central candidate Tony Devenish and Zac in Westminster North. Here’s a pic of the kind of numbers we saw in Hampstead earlier this month.

  • Royal Parks to become a charity

    This has been planned for a while by the government. The model is that of the Canals and Rivers Trust, created out of British Waterways to manage – well, Britain’s public waterways. The potential is to attract more charitable giving than is the case at present, with the Parks run by a government agency, alongsideĀ a…

  • Dealing with fly tipping, street furniture damage and all the rest

    Our City Inspector John Whelan does such a good job tackling black bin overflow, fly tipping hot spots, rough sleepers’ waste and the rest that I’d like to broadcast his report this month. Here it is: Norfolk Crescent- I have been monitoring the bin chambers on a regular basis checking to see if still being…